Josh's Birthday

Josh wanted one thing for his birthday this year- and it was to go watch this soccer game.  Some great friends of ours had some tickets that they would not be using (thanks Shallenbergers!) and some great family  offered to watch Evie for us (thanks Matt and Elizabeth!) so his birthday wish came true.  We had a great time watching Salt Lake City beat Denver 2-0 followed by a pioneer day fireworks show.  What a night!

My Birthday!

I spent my special day with my four most special friends.  We went to a craft fair and had a picnic in the park.  Don't forget about the chick-fil-a train!

Eleven Months!

Her personality is growing almost faster than she is.  She is literally bursting with it!  I have so much fun watching this little girl every day.

Fourth of July

For Independence Day this year we decided to do something educational.  We headed to an absolutely fabulous event that took place at a local park and celebrated colonial America.  There was a segment on the early immigrants and Ellis Island, a recreated one room school house, a bakery, artillery, etc...  We all had fun and looked at Independence Day in a whole new way.


Evie's "Mad" Face

All my kids have made this adorable face around this age.  I think it's when they're pretending to be mad but really they are trying to be funny.  I finally pulled out the camera and caught it!

Ten Months Old!

I'm so in love with her.

Fathers' Day

For Fathers' Day this year Josh got an annual National Parks pass and put it to use right away!


My Beautiful Girls!


We spent the day at Lagoon amusement park for Josh's company party.  It was a really great day!  Check it out:


Trip to Washington

We kicked off our summer with a visit to Josh's family in Washington.  It was so beautiful there that I had a hard time getting him home again!  Josh has some wonderful grandparents that we were able to see also.