We've had one big snowfall after another. And have found out that Nora is a true snow baby like her daddy. She could play out there for hours, never seems to get cold, and cries everytime I have to take her in. The first snow was way too powdery to make a true snow man but Josh did his best and ended up with a snow head. The next time was a little better and Erica managed a snow torso. By far Nora's favorite activity, however, is getting pulled around on her baby-boggen. She always wants to go FASTER until her poor parents are ready to fall over from exhaustion. What we really need is one great big hill.


Merry Christmas Everyone!

This was the first time in our seven years of marriage we haven't been with family for the holidays. Although we did miss their company, we had a relaxing Christmas with just the three of us. Nora really caught on to the gift unwrapping, but also loved to hear about the true meaning of Christmas over breakfast. Today while coloring a Christmas picture, I caught her kissing the little baby Jesus repeatedly... after coloring Him hot pink.

Here's a little clip of Nora unwrapping one her gifts from Nana and Papa. As you can see, she was all business. Thanks to all our friends and family for the many wonderful gifts and thoughtful cards.