Every Sunday we try to go for a walk as a family. Last week we tried this new trail around a pond in a neighboring town. I first noticed what I thought looked like a beaver dam . Then, we started to notice the beavers swimming around and slapping their tails. Can you find them? I think we saw two dams and three beavers. When we got home we tried to use the internet to figure out why the were slapping their tails. Apparently it's a way to warn other beavers of possible danger nearby. I think the danger was us.


Princess Tea Party

Somehow Nora's favorite store called to ask if she wanted to attend a princess tea-party there. I thought it would be a fun outing for just the two of us and made Josh stay home on Saturday so that we could go without Wells (it was during his nap time) It turned out to be a little over-crowded with princesses but the whole event was fun because it was just us girls. Nora and I browsed the mall and looked at all the things we always want to but don't because I can't deal with a toddler in certain places. I ended up breaking the bank at gymboree, ironically on clothes for Wells (Nora gets great hand-me-downs from her very generous cousins and thankfully I hardly ever have to buy her anything) and it was great to browse the store without worrying about him climbing a clothes rack like a monkey and pulling it over (yes, this really has happened.) We ended up staying out a little longer than expected and came home to find that the boys had napped, done yardwork and gone for a scooter ride down the block. Thanks, Josh!


Halloween night this year was COLD. We only got about half of the trick-or-treaters that we usually get. Our street is perfect for trick-or-treating, there's hardly any traffic and the number of homes make it a perfect length for small kids. They usually come back half-way and eat the ice cream that one guy always passes out (as if it wasn't cold enough) and some hot cocoa and then hit some homes on the next street of the people that we know. I love halloween night. It's one of the only times that Josh takes the kids and I have the place to myself- well, me and a semi-constant stream of little monsters, angels and witches with your occasional non-dressed up teenager looking for a hand-out. If Nora looks sad in some of the pictures, it's because she was. I couldn't believe it. She actually cried on her favorite night of the year because her mean mother made her wear a coat. "No one will be able to tell that I'm a witch!" By the time she got home she was so cold and grateful that I had forced her into a coat and gloves that she thanked me with a snickers bar. Sweet!