Town Days

I have discovered a cool tradition that takes place in the fall since we have moved to Boston. Each town has a Saturday called Town Day that involves a street fair, parade, and sometimes night fireworks. I try to go to one each year. Most of the time the weather is gorgeous and it is a busy, crazy crowd of people all strolling along and enjoying the sights, sounds, and tastes of that particular town. This year I took both kids by myself. I managed to pull out my camera twice. Once at the touch a truck area where they took at turn sitting in the bobcat. Next, I got a shot of them making an 'orange air freshener' at the historic exhibit. We had a picnic and walked along the street and back. Now I'm tired.


Yesterday Was...

The Last Beach day in 2010...
Today Was... the first day of Fall. I think we're finally ready.


Apple Pickin'

Who would pay at least twice as much for produce that you have to drive a half an hour to get to and then PICK YOURSELF??? All of New England, apparently. Yesterday we decided to take the kids apple picking at a local farm. Let me tell you, even for "apple fest" I thought the place was insanely busy. Luckily, there was still room to run around a little, pick a peck, ride the hayride, picnic by the pond, and see all the animals without too much crowd fighting. We were home in time for nap with a car full of apples and two very sleepy kids AND, now they know where apples come from.


Second Day of School!

I couldn't resist! Nora looked so cute going to school today. I loved walking her up there. When I dropped her off, she didn't look back.


Welcome to Pre-Kindergarden!

I can't believe Nora started pre-school today. She seemed so grown up walking into her new classroom with her head held high and introducing herself to her teachers. I have had my eyes on this pre-school since we moved here, before Nora was even born. It is right across the street- the absolute most convenient location there is. I mean, who else can walk their child to school? Let me tell you it's pretty great. I also thought it was great that her class has only seven kids and two very nice teachers. I think this is because most kids Nora's age go to school three or even five days a week, but it seems to be just enough to make some good friends (four girls and three boys total), but not so many that it feels chaotic. The little girl who sat down across from Nora was hilarious. When she first walked in the room and sat down, she said "I'm getting an education!" Later, she picked up a kind of small fruitloop to string on her nametage necklace and said "this one's wicked small!" Josh and I were cracking up. I hope Nora ends up friends with that girl. Overall, I don't believe her first day could have gone any better. This afternoon, she told me "I'm so excited, Mom!" I asked "Why are you excited?" To which she replyed "Because I'm in school!" My baby is growing up!



Today we drove up to Maudslay State Park in one of or favorite towns, Newburyport (if only there were jobs for brainy engineers near this beautiful place!) We walked around the formal gardens and the remains of the main estate, enjoying the perfect weather. We saw a frog in the fountain, a snake in the woods and some horseback riders. Then we had a picnic and drove home before Wells crashed. Then Josh went to school. At least we had the morning!



I've actually been putting this off because I was daunted by the task of narrowing down the photo selection. Excuse me for including them all! We had a GREAT week at Eagles Mere this year- a beautiful setting and our beautiful extended family (almost) all together. We had some chilly weather, and rain, and an accident to Nora's forehead and surprise bloody nose from Wells but overall, we were very happy with how our little reunion turned out. My great grandfather, Curtis Clay, built the house at Eagles Mere lake many years ago. I think he would be very pleased to see how how much joy he has brought to many people who visit there each summer.