Eight Months already

Possibly the only smile from our sick little princess today and a few pics of my handsome eight month old. My only trips out of the house in the last 48 hrs have been to the doc and to pick up some pedialyte and various components of the b.r.a.t. diet at the stop and shop an hour ago. I'm looking forward to a little help this weekend!


Sick Day

What do you do when your mom has to spend the day in the bathroom holding back the hair of your sick big sister to keep it out of the way of her repeated vomiting?? JUMP! TWIST! BOUNCE! And smile like there's nothing wrong in the world. What a trooper.
p.s. has anyone else noticed that little cowlick that sticks up from the top of his head? It's new over the last few weeks and no matter how I try, I can't bring myself to smooth it down.


Farm Season

It is officially spring when Nora and I start visiting FARMS. I have found that it is one of the greatest children's activities here in New England. Kids get to see and sometimes feed animals, run around outside, snack on some great fresh produce, and maybe even get a little education about where food comes from. Nora and two of her friends (plus their moms and younger siblings) enjoyed the beautiful day at a farm today. Amoung the many animals that we saw were sheep, cows, goats, bunnies, pigs and chickens. The girls were much more wild than any of the livestock we encountered though. I finally had to haul Nora out of there for shop lifting blueberries one at a time.

A Fun Visit

I love this game face.

The Brothers (three out of four, anyway...)

Over the weekend we had the pleasure of a visit from Josh's little brother. It was great to see him and gave us an extra excuse to get together with our Rhode Island family as well. Here are some pictures from a game night that we attempted. I'm beginning to realize that my gaming days official came to a screeching holt three years ago next month. It is almost impossible to juggle children, especially babies while trying to concentrate on anything. Josh and I have found that we can complete a game by forming a team and taking turns joining in. Another thing that we have discovered is that we never win that way. It may have something to do with two half brains don't make a whole- or that two different strategies don't always mesh. We have fun none the less. We'll miss you, Uncle Matt!


Dance Recital

Nora's ballet class ended yesterday with a demonstration class that family members and guests could attend. It was fun to have Daddy and Wells watching all that Nora has learned in the last ten weeks. I had such a great time taking a class with Nora and was so proud of her. She is great at following instructions, cooperating with her peers, and behaving in a class room setting- and she looked so cute doing it! We both loved her teacher, Miss Sanchez who pulled us aside to say that Nora has unique talent and coordination for a two year old. We could have a future ballerina on our hands! I'll try to post some video when I get a chance.