Family Reunion Pictures

Some more pictures from our trip~

Family Reunion

Our one trip planned for the summer (apart from a few days in the hospital!) was last weekend. We went to a special spot in the pocono mountains for a reunion with my extended family. My great grandfather built a house on a beautiful lake that we enjoyed with many of the descendants from one of his daughters, Eleanor- my grandmother. There were three generations present- myself part of the second, and Nora in the third. It was wonderful to connect and reconnect with many of my long-lost cousins, their children and my aunts and uncles. Nora had fun canoeing, sailing, swimming at the beach, strolls into town, ice cream at the sweet shop and playing around with her second cousins. Josh was wonderful to tag along with Nora for most of the weekend so that I could chat with and get to know my relatives. Thanks, babe!



We went to our town's annual flag-day carnival yesterday with Nora's aunt, uncle, and cousins. Last year Nora was barely one and just toddled around gazing longingly through the little fences at the kiddie rides. This year she was actually old enough to go on some of them (34 inches tall)! It was hillarious because she loved the rides so much that taking her off resulted in five minutes of screaming and crying EVERY time. It made it seem almost ridiculous to put her on knowing that in approximately a minute she would be crying like she just lost her best friend. But we did it anyway! I think overall the girls had a good time and all the pain and suffering was forgotten over ice cream cones at the end of the evening.
Happy Fathers' Day!


Kiddie Pool!

We finally set up Nora's kiddie pool. She's been asking for it forever now and today's heat was inspiration enough. She fell asleep on the way home from church and while she napped in the car (our driveway was shady and we opened the doors), we set up her pool and grilled up some dinner (within eyeshot of the car- please don't call child services!) It was the perfect evening, chatting with neighbors, enjoying a great dinner with entertainment: Nora playing in her pool. Pulling her out when it was dark at almost nine o'clock required real effort. Let summer begin!

Bouncy House

We had a great day visiting Josh's brother and family for a barbeque in Rhode Island. Nora is always in heaven whenever we are able to get together with her cousins. The girls had a blast playing all day and, despite the heat, enjoying the backyard swingset, sandbox, and BOUNCY HOUSE! That's right, there is practically an amusement park at their house. It definitely made coming home again seem very boring... Thanks for a great day!


Water Baby

Nora is absolutely crazy about swimming. On Friday we got together with some friends for a dip in their kiddie pool and Nora insisted on staying in (the water was freezing) until she was literally shivering and shaking all over. Even then, it was a battle getting her out and she kept screaming for more through chattering teeth and blue lips. I can't believe how much she loves the water. Ever since we got back from Utah, she's been begging for more swimming and her kiddie pool. We definitely have a little fish on our hands.