6 Months Old!

I couldn't love her more.

Eating Solids!

My baby girl is growing up! She started solid food about a week after her half birthday. She is been my smallest baby at 53% weight, 36% height at her six month check-up. What a cutie, though! It took her a few days to figure it out, but now she loves her rice and oatmeal cereals. She has definitely captured all of our hearts.

Natural History Museum of Utah

I highly recommend this very cool museum. We have been there twice (once on a free day!) and it has not been a disappointment. My one complaint was how they really push you out the door about 10 minutes before closing time, so get there early. Great for kids!

Valentine's Day!

My Girls

Scuba Diver


Wells decided to wear a tie to church today to look more like a "big boy". I think he still looks like my handsome baby boy.