Wells has a cousin only three and a half weeks younger than him. I am so excited for him. They got to meet for the first time this week on our thanksgiving trip to Utah and became fast friends- exchanging colds and all! Despite all the chaos, we were able to snap a couple of shots of just the two of them. Almost too cute for words, right? We sure love these little boys!

Christmas Jammies

I couldn't resist this purchase. I love these jammies because they are very christmas-y but not so much so that you can't use them all winter, super duper soft and cuddly, and completely gender neutral. They looked so cute on the kids. And get this... Wells is in a size 12 month!



It is always so cool to find friends of ours that have also moved to Boston. We have a few, actually. Last night, two our college friends came by for dinner with their adorable daughter. It is so cool because they weren't even dating last we saw them in Utah, and to find them here in Boston, married, and with a family was such a thrill. We have enjoyed a few pleasant evenings with them and getting caught up on all that has happened over the years. Wells was happy to have another baby around. At nearly 19 lbs, he's almost her size dispite an almost five month age gap!


Daddy's Little Boy

Wells and his Daddy are two peas in a pod. They love hanging out together!


Possible Christmas Photo??

These weren't easy to get and represent the best of a long line of attempts. Most of which included a crying baby and/or a wiggling toddler. We may try again next Sunday....

My baby is growing up!

Yesterday Wells seemed a little bored with sucking on his hands so I thought, why not, and handed him one of Nora's old toys. He grabbed it and played with it all by himself for about 10 minutes. He looked like such a big boy! Speaking of big, he weighed 18 pounds at 13 weeks. The official breastfeeding spokesbaby has doubled his birth weight in three months, folks.


Puppy Love

I feel almost guilty about all of the hundreds of pictures I have of Nora dressed up for her first two halloweens (by far her favorite holiday), that I took a private photo shoot of my little puppy while she was sleeping. Oh Wells, you're just a special and adorable as any first child- even if the photo album will tell a different story!

Trick or Treat!


Josh skipped out of school early and got home just in time for some trick-or-treating fun with the kids. Apparently, the three of them had the time of their lives. Josh says Nora was practically shrieking with glee and doing the hula for everyone that came to the door. When they got back, we went to a friends house for some doughnuts and cider. When we finally made it home at 9:30, Nora kept saying, "let's go trick-or-treating again!"