My Boys

Wells is absolutely enthralled by everything about Josh. He asks for Dada all day long and even says "school" with a sad face now. Sundays are great because 90% of the time he's all ours- and Wells loves that.

Easter Best

My attempts to get good family photos are almost always thwarted by one or both of the kids. None the less, I still try to document the milestones, like holidays. Here are the kids dressed up for church last Sunday. We won't attend church next weekend due to a church wide general conference (which is aired via the internet- yeah!) so we got the kids dressed up in their "Easter best" on Sunday and forced them to sit for a photo shoot in the yard after church with little real sucess, but lots of laughs. Enjoy!


Welcome to Dino Land!

The new set for Jurassic Park 5? Nora has been busy rumaging through the recyclying bin- and my craft drawer to make stuff. I think she's pretty creative. Today was a castle, but I wasn't able to get a picture before Wells woke up from his nap and tore it to shreds- Jurassic park meets 16th century England.

Rain, rain, go away...

The only good thing about all this rain we're getting (besides the obvious benefits to the environment...) is this little ducky raincoat on Wells. This morning though, put me over the edge- it was snow! I shouldn't be surprised, though. Since we have lived here, we have always gotten snow on or near Nora's birthday- and that's not until April!


Luck O the Irish

Shortly after cupid visits in February with special valentine treats, we will occasionally get a leprechaun at our house for Saint Patrick's day who leaves green tracks and a green trinket or two. He came last night! Josh claims that he caught him early this morning but let him go in exchange for some goodies for the kids and green eggs for breakfast. I said he should have gone for the pot o gold!


What could possibly be better than a trip to the zoo? A trip to the zoo with friends! I love that most of Nora's friends have younger siblings for Wells. We had a fabulous morning at the zoo and picnic at the park afterwards last week. The weather is finally starting to warm up enough for us to venture outside! Bring on SPRING... please?


They Call Me Baby Driver

Wells has decided that he's obsessed with any bike, trike, or motorcycle. It's true. He actually requested to wear this helmet because he knows it's what Daddy wears to ride his "bob-bi-cle" very much like "pop-pi-cle" which means popsicle. Funny how his two favorite things sound so much alike.



Today while I was unloading groceries from the car, I noticed that Nora was very involved in the playroom. After a little while, I realized that she was dressing up one of our water storage bottles. Wells was asleep, so I guess she had to make do with what was available. Every few minutes she would come to tell me that she had a new outfit to exhibit. I loved some of the costumes that she came up with. Here are a few of my favorites:

the Diva

the Princess

the Witch

the Ballerina Rabbit

the Blushing Bride