We're Positive!

Try to read the sign Nora's holding.

As many of you already know, we're having another baby! This sign is how I told Josh that we are pregnant. I guess you could say it's a tradition since I made one when I told him we were expecting Nora. Nothing like chocolate and sugar to get a message across that he couldn't miss! Our due date is July 28. Nora insists that she's getting a 'baby sister' and I have a hunch that she's right. We think this time we may find out at our ultrasound in March-- or should we torture ourselves and wait till July?? Opinion polls are open.

Our Little Lady

A friend gave me a book that her kids had outgrown about kermit's adventures with potty-training. I wasn't sure if Nora was ready for it, but seemed to catch on right away and wanted that book all the time for about a week. Since she's been showing so much interest, we decided and get her the cushie-tooshie, a toilet seat just her size. Although she's only pooped in the toilet once, she loves her new seat and looks so cute up there that we couldn't help but grab the camera. What a big girl she's becoming!


Baby Dolls

Dispite our best efforts to offer gender neutral toys, Nora has clear favorites. She has played with her toy train probably a total of 3 times- all at the encouragement and involvement of her Dad. We haven't pushed dolls on her in the least degree, but she asks for them constantly and is often found cuddling, feeding, bringing toys to and reading with her dolls (both of which were presents from grand and great grandparents). She endearingly calls them baby doll and little baby doll. What can I say- she is all girl!


I Am Like a Star

Nora surprised us the other day by singing an entire song that we didn't even know she knew. In fact, I don't believe we had ever even sung it to her. It is called "I am Like a Star" and we figure she must have picked it up in nursery. She's in the advanced learners group (jk). Anyway, most of our attempts at getting her to sing for the camera have ended in failure. This one almost ended in a strip show but we thought it was cute none the less...

Chucky Cheese

Nora's friend Lillie called the other day to invite Nora to a play date at Chucky Cheese. At first I thought 'oh no.' The place doesn't have the best of reputations amoung adults, if you know what I mean... But, we decided for a cold January evening, what the heck, it may be a good opportunity to get some wiggles out. It ended up being great fun! Nora and Lillie enjoyed some pizza and then hit the games and rides. Nora had a blast and for under $10 we came away with some great munchies, a few hours of fun, and even some prizes from the coupon exchange. Nora scored a hair bow, purple plastic frog, and two tootsie rolls. Josh even showed up after school to join in the fun (and steal the candy plus a few rounds of skee ball...)