Chucky Cheese

Nora's friend Lillie called the other day to invite Nora to a play date at Chucky Cheese. At first I thought 'oh no.' The place doesn't have the best of reputations amoung adults, if you know what I mean... But, we decided for a cold January evening, what the heck, it may be a good opportunity to get some wiggles out. It ended up being great fun! Nora and Lillie enjoyed some pizza and then hit the games and rides. Nora had a blast and for under $10 we came away with some great munchies, a few hours of fun, and even some prizes from the coupon exchange. Nora scored a hair bow, purple plastic frog, and two tootsie rolls. Josh even showed up after school to join in the fun (and steal the candy plus a few rounds of skee ball...)

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