Welcome Summer

I am looking forward to this summer. Our addition is finally done, I have two great kids and am not (not even a little bit) pregnant (as you can tell, I'm still recovering from a very hot pregnant summer last year...), I finally discovered a great town pool that is down the street from my house (hidden by shrubs on all sides, which is why I never noticed it before), and lots of great friends around. What more could a girl ask for?


Ten Months Already?

Check out this little fella. He's 26 pounds of pure joy (and endless energy).
p.s. that shirt was clean when I put it on him...


Happy Memorial Day!

We've been loving meeting friends in our new ward. It's fun to have a set of great kids Nora's age- even if they do get into a little mischief together...

(practically) FINISHED!

Okay, aside from a light switch plate here, a set of blinds there... our addition is finally done. We've had some setbacks along the way, but in the end I am very happy with the results. We moved our furniture, and the toys in, and everyone has been enjoying the new space since Saturday when we finally pulled it together. I could tell right away that the addition was the right move for our family as soon as the kids started playing in there (and out from under my feet while I worked in the kitchen!) Here is a sneak preview, but for the real deal, you'll have to come visit!


Like Father Like Son

The boys looked cute all matchy for church today. It wasn't even planned. I just dressed the baby and then walked into our room to find Josh wearing the same thing. I had him take off his tie for the pictures, since Wells didn't have one. And the argyle vest, well, despite the MIT, and the Ph.d. factors, even Josh isn't that nerdy. But Wells is, apparently.
On a serious note, I was sad to hear that one of our church buildings in Cambridge burned down today. It took place during a meeting, but all in attendance were able to escape unharmed. It seems that the fire was started by an electrical mishap.

The Zoo

The weather has been beautiful. We made it to the zoo a few times in the last couple of weeks although I was only successful in bringing the camera and actually taking pictures once. Here they are! I was a little dissappointed by our zoo when I first took Nora about three years ago. It is small, and a little run down. I think growing up near the Philadelphia zoo, which is more of a theme park, spoiled me in some ways.
As time has gone on, however, I have grown to like the Stone zoo more and more.

Because it's small, Nora runs around and has the place memorized. Also, it feels more safe and intimate. We can see the whole zoo in a couple of hours (or one hour, for that matter), but if we want to spend longer, that is always an option because there is a great sandbox, petting zoo and playground. They have nice picnic areas, and even new or updated exhibits now and again. Really, it is a great zoo for little kids and is only about five minutes from home which for me, is the best part of all!



To help explain the lack of posts (and unreturned phone calls, etc..) over the past couple of weeks, here are some sneak peeks of what's been keeping us so busy. Between sick kids, school, and trips we may have bitten off a little more than we can chew with this project, but we are super excited about our new space.

It's certainly been a long road and thank goodness this road is about to end! More about the addition to come...
Happy Mother's Day!


Guess Who's Been Sick Again?

Don't worry, he's on the mend. This picture cracks me up because he gets like this every day when he's tired and finishing breakfast- but worst of all when he's not feeling well. The funny part is that it's only two hours since he woke up from an 11 hour snooze. Oh the exhaustion!