Bike Riders

I hope these videos don't make you too dizzy. They were just so classic that I absolutely had to add them all. As you can see, we got Nora a bike and Wells has adopted her old tricycle. We took advantage of the great weather (no rain) and they both tried them out for the first time today. The results were hilarious. At least I thought so- after finding out that no one was seriously hurt...

Patriots' Day

We finally made it to the marathon after living here for almost five years. It was really fun to watch. We got there just in time to see the fastest man and woman runners race by and stayed- at mile 19- for a couple of hours. The kids tried (mostly in vain) to hand oranges out to the runners. I can't believe anyone can run that fast for that far. Kudos to them! To end the day, we met with some friends at one of our favorite ice cream spots. Sorry, the ice cream pictures came up first- out of order. Happy Patriots' Day!


Nora's Birthday Party

We took the plunge this year and had an all out party with Nora's girl friends. Because she is such a social butterfly, we had to rent a space to hold the crowd. We had a pretty good turn out with all but 5 of the guests in attendance that Nora had invited. The activities included- an obstacle course, a few crafts, limbo, dancing, dress-up, pizza, cake and ice cream. We hope the guests had a good time- we know Nora did! We've been really lucky to have met a huge number of wonderful little girls in this area. Most of these girls we've known since Nora was a few months old and I feel so blessed for the cherished friendship that she's enjoyed in her life. An added bonus is to have been able to spend time with all of their fun moms! Thanks for a great 4 years!


Waiting for Summer

Nora was so excited by how warm it was today that she talked me into filling up her kiddie pool. After the water was in, I realized that it was far too cold for actual human submersion. She was really disappointed- and still insisted that it wasn't too cold for her. Given her track record of cold tolerance, she may well have been right, but I would have been in pain just watching. There's always tomorrow...



April 4, 2006
April 4, 2010
Four years later I still can't believe she's mine.

Happy Birthday

My little bunny had an Easter Birthday this year. This is by far my most daring cake experiment and I actually think it turned out pretty cute! Happy Birthday, Baby!

More Egg Hunting!

Waiting for the go-ahead.
Checking the unlikely spots.
A short break to regroup.
Look at me keepin up with the big kids!

We had another egg hunt outside with the cousins in Rhode Island. This one had a little more healthy competition. I'm proud to say that I feel like both our kids stepped up to the challenge.

Easter Morning

Some may say that we spoiled our kids this year for Easter. Well, maybe that's true. I wanted the day to be really special because it was Nora's birthday and last year we were traveling and their egg hunt got rained out. We started the day with a small indoor egg hunt at home right after breakfast. Here are some pictures of the kids with their loot.


Despite a very busy weekend we managed to plant our garden on Saturday morning. This is our second attempt at a garden and the first, last summer, was met with varying success. We discovered that our choice for the garden spot is not exactly the sunniest part of our yard. Oh well. We had fun and got a few delightful treats out of the deal. Not bad for a morning's work! We will be excited to see what happens this time. I'm looking forward to cooking with fresh herbs... if they come up.