Despite a very busy weekend we managed to plant our garden on Saturday morning. This is our second attempt at a garden and the first, last summer, was met with varying success. We discovered that our choice for the garden spot is not exactly the sunniest part of our yard. Oh well. We had fun and got a few delightful treats out of the deal. Not bad for a morning's work! We will be excited to see what happens this time. I'm looking forward to cooking with fresh herbs... if they come up.


Sweet Em said...

Good luck. It looks like a lot of seed packets. What did you plant?

josh, erica, nora and wells said...

hmmm, let me see- tomatoes, peppers, a few herbs, spinach, lettuce and some carrots. We'll see what happens. A lot of the packets you see we potted and are saving to add to the community garden when it opens in June. We have some lettuce, pumpkin and parsley seeds left over if you're interested- they're up for grabs. We ran out of garden space and pots.