Get Your Lemonade!

Ever since we had our lemonade stand last summer, Nora has been talking about doing it again. As soon as the weather warmed up, she was a constant reminder. She really is quite a little entrepreneur. The kids had a great time and ended up making $12 (lots of tips) which they split. Not bad for a couple of hours of lounging in the yard!

Garden in the Woods

I took the kids to Framingham to check out a great garden sponsored by the New England Wild Flower Society. It was truly magical. I wish I had taken more pictures of some of the garden elements. We took a mile walk through the gardens and checked out all of the different areas. Here are a few shots of the kids taking it all in.


Blueberry Picking

A couple weeks ago we had a great time at a local farm doing some blueberry picking. I couldn't believe how big, beautiful and delicious the blueberries were! We spent about an hour picking and probably could have stayed longer if I wasn't about to pass out from the heat. The kids did great and we ended up with quite a haul. Afterward, we enjoyed a picnic lunch with friends and checked out the animals there. It was so much more fun than the berry picking we tried last summer- I guess the crop was especially good and so were the kids this time! We have already made blueberry muffins, scones, and a few smoothies. Yum!

Boston Common

As soon as we decided to leave Massachusetts, we made a list of the things that we still needed to do before we left. If you can believe it, taking the kids to Boston Common was on there! Josh and I had been before Nora was born, and I think once when she was a baby, but we had never taken kids to sit on the make way for ducklings statues, ride the swan boats, or swim in frog pond. Unfortunately, the Saturday that we went was the day that our camera battery died. We did get a couple of pictures before our picnic, and before Wells soaked himself in that fountain.


Plymouth Plantation

To take advantage of a Friday freebie we drove down to Plymouth Plantation for a fun day at the living museum there. Beside the rain that lasted for most of the day, and one leaky rain boot, the trip ended up being perfect! The kids got to learn a lot about the Native Americans that originally inhabited this area as well as their own pilgrim ancestors. The actors and actresses in the Plymouth colony were totally amazing. They impersonate real individuals that lived at the time and know all kinds of things about them. The lady in the third picture is Lucretia Brewster. While driving home, I saw several streets named after her family. The freebie extended to the very well-done Mayflower replica which the kids loved. Wells had to miss his nap that day, but I felt that it was well worth it.


Eagles Mere

Our summer has really flown by so far. I can't believe how far behind I have gotten on my blog posts. I figure I should probably catch up before the baby comes along (two and a half weeks to go!). In June we spent our week with family in Eagles Mere. It turned out to be a really great trip. This year the kids were at SUCH perfect ages for hikes, swimming, playing at the beach, tennis, soccer, etc... We really managed to do it all. It was difficult to pick the best pictures because I took so many, but here are some of the highlights.