Birthday Party

Nora and Wells were guests at a princess birthday party a couple of weeks ago. It was fun and we got some pretty cute pictures. Wells' little friend with him in the second picture is actually six months OLDER than him. It's so funny to see her running circles around him while he crawls.



Okay, so I've had an ongoing obsession with Wells hair. First, he was born with a headfull. Unlike Nora's it was blonde (she was originally a brunette until she was a few months old). I loved to comb it like he was a little man.

Then, also unlike Nora, it all fell out! We waited and waited for it to grow back and when it finally did, it was almost permenantly spiked along the top like in a mohawk. I got comments on it all the time. I think people saw Wells and assumed that I was actually styling it like that. Nora spent most of her day trying unsuccessfully flatten it only to have it spring back up everytime. Eventually, his hair got so long that the mohawk didn't stand up as much, and then on a sad day, not at all. Tonight during dinner, I noticed the unthinkable. A piece of hair was actually long enough to hang in his eye. It put me over the edge. Even though Wells was cranky and tired, I made Josh hold him long enough for me to buzz the top. So here are the before and after shots. Don't worry, I did save a lock in an envelope for posterity. And that's the story of Wells' hair.


Wells' Latest Tricks

I'll let these videos speak for themselves...


Bubble Beauty

Nora has always been enthralled by bubbles. I used to blow them for her while she soaked in her infant tub. About a year ago she learned how to blow them for herself which opened up a whole new world of discovery. She now asks for them all the time and doesn't give up until she has to (normally the result of a bubble solution spill). After church on Sunday she found a bubble tube in the car left over from a party favor bag and begged to blow bubbles before even going in for lunch. I think she and Josh were out there for two hours before we had to bring her in by force!


Spray Park

Since having Nora I have discovered that Boston is scattered with spray parks, or playgrounds that squirt water from various contraptions. Nora absolutely loves running through the water despite the cold or in this case, misquitoes. She spins, dances, runs and squeals with delight for hours on end. Yesterday was chilly and overcast with swarms of misquitoes enjoying a human feast, but it didn't stop Nora from having a great time (all by herself, poor girl! I couldn't have paid Wells to touch that cold water, little party pooper!) I absolutely love her zest for life- it's contageous!


We have a walker!

Today was a big day for our little fella:
  • This morning Wells took his first single, unassisted step
  • This afternoon he had his 1yr checkup and got a handful of shots, whatta trooper. His stats: 27 lbs (91%) 32 inches (97%) We won't mention head circumference- thank you.
  • And tonight, he officially "walked" on his own. After his first 5 solo steps, we quickly grabbed the camera and caught this ...
  • 8.01.2009

    12 months

    With all the birthday posts, I can't believe that I almost forgot these ones! Here's the big boy with his once huge, now moderately sized soccer ball. Over the months it has become harder and harder to keep him still for these pictures. Now that he can (safely) get himself down from the couch, it was the hardest of all. I'll throw in his one month picture for posterity sake. Can anyone say 'give this boy a haircut'?