Sunshine Day

Our weather this weekend was unbelievably gorgeous. Since Josh is done with classes for the summer, he took a little break and spent the whole weekend with us! It was so much fun. We went into Boston on Saturday and celebrated Memorial Day on Monday with a barbecue and friends. Here are some pictures of Nora enjoying the sunshine after church on Sunday. The kids love to play outside the front of the church when the weather is nice and Nora has caught right on! She's a little social bug and loves to run around with the big kids. Especially when it involves doing dangerous things like scaling tall rock walls and then running along the top.


Girls' Day Out

After a week of being sick with a horrible cold, followed by Nora's doctor's appointment that involved an immunization and blood test (highly traumatic) we decided it was definitely time for a fun day out together. We started with lunch at the Cheesecake Factory with a friend- thanks for the great idea, Brittany! It was delicious and fun. I treated Nora to a mango raspberry smoothie which she finished almost by herself and enjoyed immensely. We then spent the afternoon trying on maternity clothes with our friend, browsing the homegoods at Macy's (during Nora's stroller nap), admiring the fish and other animals at the rainforest cafe, and playing at pottery barn kids- Nora's all time favorite store. Nora has become such a fun little companion, I almost am starting to feel like I'm hanging out with my favorite girl friend rather than being a mother- that is until I have to pry a toy from her white knuckled fists while she kicks at me and screams. I haven't treated a friend that way in a while...

Isn't she adorable? All the waitresses said so. (yes, that's mango smoothie down the front of her shirt)


Farmer Girl

Nora and I visited a farm this morning where we went on a hayride and Nora got take home a small plant of her own. She was supposed to help plant it but ended up smiling for the camera instead for most the planting time. Of course that didn't stop her from proudly exclaiming to her dad as soon as she saw him "look what I made!" I had a great weekend of scrapbooking with the girls as a late mothers' day present from Josh. Finally starting on the huge stack of halloween pictures gave me hope that I may actually be caught up some day. But at the rate that I take pictures, probably not. None the less, it was great fun!


Nora's Birthday Party!

We finally found a day that worked to have Nora's second birthday party. (Almost) all of her best friends could make it, Nora had a blast and hasn't stopped talking about it since. It was a Tinkerbell Pixie party in honor of her adorable halloween costume from last year. Although the weather was cold and rainy at first, we did manage to get outside before the party ended for a little bit of playtime on her new swingset. Here is a picture of Nora as Tinkerbell (last halloween) which was our theme inspiration and then a few from her party.