Sugar Cookies

Decorating Christmas sugar cookies has become a tradition in our home. For any of you who received a bag of these as an offering of Christmas cheer, I apologize for the mess, clumped frosting and way-too-many sprinkles. As you can see, their creators had a vision and could not be interrupted.

Winter's first Snow Man

"I may be small, but I have a big heart!- and I'm standing on a big mound."

Christmas Morning

Besides the fact that Nora felt under the weather and had a little fever for most of the day, we had a very joyous Christmas! It was laid back, relaxing, and slow-paced, maybe even too much so for Josh, who kept calling kids back to keep opening their presents. The highlights of the morning were reading the scriptural account of the first Christmas and being together as a family. The kids loved the presents that we, and other relatives got them (always a plus!) and were very grateful and non-bratty (even better!) Thanks to all those who sent along very thoughtful and generous gifts for all of us. Hope your Christmas's were also merry and bright this year!


Gingerbread House

Nora made a gingerbread house in school yesterday that she was mighty proud of. I must say, she had very good reason to be. It is really cute. I think of all of us, Wells likes it the most. It has been picked apart a little, so I'm glad I got some pictures when she first brought it home. The greatest part was not having to buy all the candy and deal with the mess of construction at home. Happy Holidays!


Ode to our Old Christmas Tree

We have used the same artificial, pre-lit Christmas tree for all but one of our ten christmas's. It sits in the attic in a long, cardboard box and never disappoints. Josh asks me if he can throw it out each year as he hauls it up to the attic for storage. This year, he may just get his way. We got it out to discover NONE of the lights were working on the top two (out of three) sections. I think our old tree may be seeing its last christmas with us. It didn't stop the kids from having a great time decorating it for family home evening tonight!

Sailor Boy

We spent the weekend with family in Rhode Island. The cousins played great together the whole time- barring one incident of Wells climbing a book shelf, falling off, and hitting his head on the corner of a table. One time we went to the basement for a little 'concert' that they had put together that involved some cello, violin, and recorder playing. This little guy was dressed up to be the 'usher' in this adorable sailor suit. He also did a little drumming and dancing on the side. I couldn't get enough!