Gingerbread House

Nora made a gingerbread house in school yesterday that she was mighty proud of. I must say, she had very good reason to be. It is really cute. I think of all of us, Wells likes it the most. It has been picked apart a little, so I'm glad I got some pictures when she first brought it home. The greatest part was not having to buy all the candy and deal with the mess of construction at home. Happy Holidays!


MaryAnne said...

It is super cute! Are the graham crackers attached to cardboard or something?

I'm impressed at how thoroughly decorated it is!

josh, erica, nora and wells said...

Yes, they had each child bring a half-gallon sized carton, then they cut the bottom off to make it an appropriate house height. The carton was covered in frosting, then (gingerbread flavored- try them!) graham crackers were placed all around. Nora opted not to put them on the roof, but covered it in chocolate instead. Each child brought in one or two different kinds of candy, so there was quite a variety to choose from.