Halloween at MIT

Our halloween week continued with the annual MIT family halloween party this afternoon. This is always a tough one because of the time- 3 pm- that always seems to conflict with naptime. We actually got there at 4:15 and made quick rounds to get everything in before 5:00. It was fun to see so many kids dressed up and I think it was good for them to actually have to play games and win the candy instead of just free hand-outs. They also made halloween bracelets, enjoyed some cotton candy, and listened to the end of a folk-music kids concert. Oh yeah, and the beaver was there. Wells couldn't take his eyes off him.


Halloween Sneek-Peek

I know that Halloween is still several days away, but the truth is, around here, there is Halloween WEEK. I counted the kids' halloween events and parties and there are seven. The first, and one of my favorites was today. Nora and her friends have been getting together annually for four years now. We always have a photo shoot and they always look adorable. This year, the wonderful hostess, Susan, who has the added perk of an awesome yard incorporated a few cool games as well. I love the picture of Wells cheating but with one hand behind his back. I bet he was thinking- "what's the big deal, girls? This game isn't so hard..." Little monkey...



We had another soft pretzel attempt with a little more success than the first. Wells requested an elephant. I have such fond memories of this activity as a child that I am determined to find a recipe that I am just thrilled with. Anyone have one?

Sunday Drive

We drove into Boston today to try to see some boats compete in the annual Head of the Charles Regatta. Unfortunately, we weren't able to park anywhere close to the actual event and ended up giving up after a while. We did see some cool boat manuvers from the car window, but that's about all. Josh suggested that we just drive up to MIT campus and take a little walk. While that is probably not very exciting for him because he is there everyday, it is still novel for us and so we went for it. The weather was crisp and delightful and the autumn leaves made for a very beautiful backdrop. Josh played photographer.


Punkin' Carvin'

We have started a yearly tradition of getting together with friends to carve pumpkins. We start with dinner, then set the kids up with some crafts to hopefully buy ourselves some carving time and then get to work. After, we marvel at our creations while enjoying dessert. This year's results did not disappoint.


The Topsfield Fair

Nora's 1st Field Trip

I chaparoned Nora's first field trip to a farm today. The kids got to pick apples, pumpkins, feed some animals and ride the hayride. It was short and sweet and Nora got to ride a school bus and felt like a very big girl.