The Boston Children's Museum

Every Friday during the summer there is a free venue (usually kid-friendly) in or around the city. Today was the children's museum and the place was PACKED! The kids managed to have a lot of fun though, and try most of the stuff that didn't have really long lines. Here are some of the pictures that I got when I wasn't chasing them in different directions all over the building.


Artwork from a Four Year Old

Nora's most recent artwork was so good that I don't even have to explain what she drew. We may have an artist in the family after all!


Beach Day

Ahh, our first beach day of the season was, how else to describe it, a day at the beach! Last summer the beach was challenging on many levels. I wanted to go because I knew how much fun Nora always had, but taking a baby was so hard for me. I felt like I was constantly following Wells around (who was crawling) and taking random objects out of his mouth. Also, he would do thoughtless things like rub sand into his eyes. Also, the timing was tricky. Wells was still napping twice a day and so I had to squeeze in our beach trips during the few hours in between. Just the memory of the whole ordeal makes this summer seem so blissful. We headed to the beach after breakfast, brought a picnic lunch and made a day of it! Wells and Nora played happily for hours. The hardest part was getting all of our gear to and from the car. It's going to be a great summer!


Indoor Camping

Buying Wells his first sleeping bag today sparked a camping theme for the remainder of the evening. It all started with an outdoor "hike" followed by bedtime stories in their sleeping bags and toaster oven s'mores for dessert. It was the best of camping except without the bugs, and now that the kids are asleep I can use the computer and take a hot shower. ahhh.


Fairy Party

We went to an awesome, fairy-themed birthday party this morning complete with a professional face painter. While both kids were a little too conservative (or chicken) to allow her to actually paint their FACES, they both requested body art on their hands. Nora wanted a purple butterfly, and Wells, a "baby ball". When Nora's was done, she said "where's the other wing?" instead of 'thank you' as I had hoped. Wells spent the rest of the party holding his arm out with a cheesy grin on his face to anyone who would admire his ball. Lucky kids.


Reaping the Fruits of our Labors!

We finally got a small harvest from our garden this morning. This bowl of strawberries was ripe for the picking and made a delicious addition to breakfast. Strangely enough, another bowl was ripe in time for dinner. I think last year we got maybe 3 total (yes, 3 strawberries). It's true that they come back better each year!