Oh Christmas Tree!

For the first time ever, we have finally managed to put our Christmas tree up with enough time to actually enjoy it before it's time to take it down again. This year Wells is at probably the worst possible age for this sort of decoration. He is old enough to be able to do serious damage, but not old enough to understand why he shouldn't. Our final attempt at sanity was to put all the breakable ornaments on the top half where he couldn't reach (without a chair, that is) and all the non-breakables on the bottom. We comprimised by telling him that he could GENTLY touch the tree and the ornaments but wasn't allowed to take them off of the tree. We'll see how this goes. It could be a very long month for all of us (especially for me). None the less, we had fun and now our home looks very festive- BEFORE December even starts! Horray!

Happy Thanksgiving!

After almost two weeks of taking care of horribly sick kids, Thanksgiving weekend has been a welcome relief and a joy. As it comes to an end, I am thinking about all that I have to be thankful for:

-2 great kids who are FINALLY healthy again
-a very domestic husband who stayed home with us all weekend, and actually REQUESTED to be in charge of the turkey (and did an amazing job!)
-extended family one small state away who are willing to get together with us, AND have two wonderful daughters whom my kids ADORE
-a comfortable home with (barely) enough room for everyone
-PLENTY to eat on Thanksgiving and everyday
-to finally be home to take advantage of BLACK FRIDAY sales!

All in all, I can safely say that my weekend was perfect with the exception of one quick trip to the doctor's office and an x-ray for Wells to find out that he didn't actually swallow that nail that we thought he had...
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Trick or Treating

Trick or Treating was, well trick or treating. I would love to say that it went perfectly, but I wasn't the one wrestling two sticky kids in the dark and trying to get them from house to house without devouring too much candy on the way and making sure to "only take one and say thank-you"! Wells is at an awkward, half-carry, half-walk stage that makes every trip very difficult. He's heavy to carry and it's almost impossible when he struggles, however, letting him walk is perhaps an even worse punishment, if that's possible. So here's to you, Josh! Thanks for sticking it out! I did have the pleasure of seeing them half way through when Josh stopped in for 50 wipes and the stroller. What a trooper!

Halloween Day

The last and perhaps best Halloween Party was at the sunny porch and yard of a dear friend of ours on Halloween morning. The day was absolutely perfect and this was an ideal way to kick it off. I couldn't believe my good fortune that Josh stayed with us all day. The weather was unseasonably warm and Nora walked on a cloud from morning til night of her favorite holiday.

The Last Farm Trip

Nora begged me for the spooky hayride again, so the day before Halloween, we made the (10 minute) trek to Lexington and rode it one last time. We also picked up some cider doughnuts (not the best ones, in my opinion, but still worth the $3 that I spent) and a few of the season's first grapefruit. All in all, it was a fun trip. The setting is gorgeous and although I didn't get any good pictures from the actual hayride, I made the kids pose in the pumpkins while we waited to board.

Our Family

Nora has been doing a lot of great drawing lately. I think it's so funny how she depicts our family. Usually, the three of us are all about the same size and Wells is a tiny add-on (even though he is roughly her weight these days) always measuring smaller than half the size of the rest of us. On this occasion, Nora drew herself HUGE, two tall parents on either side and a tiny Wells down below. I knew I couldn't let this one go without snapping a shot.