Our Family

Nora has been doing a lot of great drawing lately. I think it's so funny how she depicts our family. Usually, the three of us are all about the same size and Wells is a tiny add-on (even though he is roughly her weight these days) always measuring smaller than half the size of the rest of us. On this occasion, Nora drew herself HUGE, two tall parents on either side and a tiny Wells down below. I knew I couldn't let this one go without snapping a shot.


ellen said...

I love her drawing!

Yaker621 said...

I think her drawing speaks volumes:
Mom and Dad are equal to each other and of equal importance, as indicated by their positions and height.
Nora is of MAJOR import: While being equal in a way to Mom and Dad, (as shown by the height of the characters), she is still much bigger or more important in other ways, (width, as well as the fact that she is much more than the average stick-legs and ball-head). She is also in the center, which makes her of GREATEST import.
Wells, also in the center, is important, but probably only to his parents, who flank him and Nora on either side, but he is below Nora. He is, obviously, not nearly as important as Nora, but of the lesser equality of his parents because he is drawn similar to them, only shorter.
This only shows how Nora was feeling at the time: She is the center of her own universe and was having a good day! Go Nora!!!