Pumpkin Carving

To be quite honest, I have never really been into pumpkin carving. I don't remember doing it much as a kid, and it seems whenever I try it as an adult, I have great intentions only to be disappointed in the results. That being said, I take almost any opportunity for a party, and this always seems to be a fun activity in groups. We had some good friends over on Sunday for carving and cobbler and had a grand old time. I think Nora had the most fun of all. She is definitely the social butterfly of our family.


maryanne said...

very nice pumpkins =)

Nana said...

I'm with you Erica on being disappointed with my results when carving jack o lanterns. I usually would go as fast as I could, just to get to the clean up and be done before the trick or treaters would start coming.
But WOW, you guys have got the hang of it! Your pumpkins are amazing!
The painting looked very FUN as well. Nice work Nora.

Courtney said...

I like your pumpkins, especially the house one.

Amy Davis said...

I love the pumpkins! And you are brave...three year olds and paint with no tablecloth on your table! :) Looks like fun! Happy Halloween!