Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve 2

These kids were SOOO excited for Christmas. We had a nice Christmas Eve dinner (the kiddie table was in the newly finished garage), then read a few Christmas stories, including the scriptural account of the first Christmas, sang some songs, opened one gift (matching jammies) and put the little ones to bed. Then it was a wrapping frenzie. As you can see, there was no shortage of presents this year.

Christmas Eve

Good News! I finally figured out how to post more than four pictures! Now you're all in for it...
Christmas Eve was great. We spent the morning with my family and went shopping and out to lunch. These pictures were taken at the cute bakery where we had sandwiches and cookies after shopping.

Snow Fun

These guys have been having FUN in the snow here in Utah! It snowed the first couple of days that were here and we have definitely taken advantage of it. Here are Josh and Wells on the four-wheeler and Nora and her cousin on the trampoline.

This is the Place State Park

Two days before Christmas we went to a really cool Christmas village with live reindeer among other things. The best part was a live nativity that you could walk through that was very tastefully done and had a peaceful spirit. I was so glad that my kids got to experience the real reason for Christmas in such a tangible way. I was only able to take a picture or two because it was so dark, so I threw in a few that we took just before leaving. I love Wells' face in the one with the three of us. Classic!


I am so envious of this sledding hill which is WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE from where we are staying in Utah. The kids- especially Nora- had an absolute blast sledding with her cousins the other day. She surprised us all by being totally fearless and insisting on doing everything- even getting herself and her sled up the hill all by herself- fine by me!

First Class Accomodations

My kids are in heaven. All I can say is that the room that we are staying in for Christmas HAS A TREE HOUSE IN IT. See for yourselves. I have the most creative and artistic sister-in-law in the world!


Family Christmas

Our Early Christmas- Part 2

We decided to let the kids open their presents early because we will be in Utah for Christmas this year. I thought the timing was appropriate on the sled. Last night we got about a foot of snow! We paper-coded the presents so that each child knew exactly which packages to open. I think it's safe to say that they were both in heaven for the entire day. Ironically, Wells' favorite gift was Nora's doll bed. I think Nora's was the sled. She's been playing in it ever since.

Our Early Christmas