Family Photos

I can't believe how long it has taken me to post these family photos. My good friend (and amazing photographer!), Liz Wertz took them for us in late November in exchange for some babysitting that I did for her adorable girls. It was the best bargain of all time! We love how they turned out, long over-due (especially the ones of Josh and me- I think it's been several years since we have gotten a good photo of the two of us...) and just in time for our Christmas cards!

Dog Races

On Saturday we decided to go check out a dog racing event not far away. It ended up being really cool. The kids got a little cold after a while but didn't complain too much. Our only regret was not having snow shoes. The snow around here is so deep that if you fall through, you really fall. At one point I was sunk in almost waist deep. Bringing the kids' sled was a good move. Wells even took his afternoon nap on it. It was the second annual mushing event in Ipswich and we decided that if we're here next year, we'll definitely go again- hopefully with snowshoes- and a bigger sled...


Disney On Ice

For one of Nora's Christmas presents, I took her into Boston to surprise her with Disney on Ice. The show was any little girl's dream come true, complete with princesses, ice dancing, music and amazing special effects. Although I didn't get any pictures in the actual arena, I did take some on the train getting there. I also managed to get some short video clips to help us remember the magic. I'll have to post a few of those sometime when I'm feeling up to it.

Play Space!

I know it's been far too long since I have posted anything. Truthfully, since Christmas, there really hasn't been a lot to post. We started feeling the itch of staying indoors for too long and so I took the kids to this really cool indoor play space on Monday. It's not something that we do often because of the cost, but it always seems worth it when we do. The kids love running around together and getting ALL of their wiggles and energy out. I enjoy that they're not taking it out on me!