First Photos


Baby Boy

Our baby was born on Sunday morning at 3:12- a day early! I was so amazed at how fast the labor and delivery went this time around. My water broke at 10:30 pm, by the time we arrived at the hospital, at 12:30 I was already dialated to 6 cm. Little Wells made his appearance at 3:12 after a half hour of pushing. Compared to Nora's delivery it was night and day. I was also very surprised at how painful it was. There must be a reason that we have to suffer so much for these angels. At nine pounds, 21 1/2 inches, the little guy is big and healthy as can be. I feel so blessed. Nora couldn't be more excited- except every night when she has to leave Mummy at the hospital and go home... I have a few minutes to add some more pictures and then it's time to feed the little guy again- another ouch!



Josh and I have birthdays that are back to back. It's been fun over the years to celebrate together, and because mine is the day before his, I always have a last minute chance to out-do any surprise that he comes up with. I had hoped to give Josh a son for his birthday on his birthday but no luck. This year our festivities were very simple and low key. We did, however, manage a cake- the first one that Josh has ever made by himself, I found out- and ice cream out at our favorite stop with friends over our two day celebration.


Sandy Beach

It has definitely been far too long since I've posted something here. Is it possible that in my last weeks of pregnancy I have actually gotten too lazy to carry a camera, too lazy to get it out at opportune moments, or, more likely, too lazy to get out and do anything that is exciting and fun enough to blog about... Well, today was our day. We went to the beach. It is probably because it's Saturday and Josh came with us. But it was fun. Really fun. Nora is a water baby through and through. This much we already knew, but she has taken it to a whole new level. She almost will accept no help whatsoever and insists on walking into the lake until the water rises to a dangerous level on her body- like, somewhere between her nose and mouth. We have been yelled at by lifeguards on more than one occasion. Nora gets mad when we try to hold her up or move her to a safer depth. She's a hoot. SO stubborn and independent. And when she chokes and coughs up water, we lift her out and she fights us to get down again. Here are a few of our little fish.


A Day at the Museum

First of all, Happy late Fourth of July! We had a great day hanging out, eating, and watching the kids enjoy the kiddie pool with friends followed by a trip into Boston where we met up with some family for fireworks over the Charles. My only regret is that I didn't take any pictures! I did, however manage to get some great ones at this cute children's museum that I took Nora to today. It was all hands on, and she loved every minute of it. Sadly, the day ended with a strange fever spike, several hours of whining and some children's tylenol. Hopefully after a good night's sleep, she'll be back to herself by the morning!


Dressing Up

Nora's two girly cousins have introduced her to the wonderful world of dress-up. While visiting for Josh's brother's birthday celebration, we dared leave the three of them together in the basement while we played a game. Twenty minutes later we were met with this imposter in the place of our daughter:

It's been so fun watching her turn from a baby into an actual little girl.