Sandy Beach

It has definitely been far too long since I've posted something here. Is it possible that in my last weeks of pregnancy I have actually gotten too lazy to carry a camera, too lazy to get it out at opportune moments, or, more likely, too lazy to get out and do anything that is exciting and fun enough to blog about... Well, today was our day. We went to the beach. It is probably because it's Saturday and Josh came with us. But it was fun. Really fun. Nora is a water baby through and through. This much we already knew, but she has taken it to a whole new level. She almost will accept no help whatsoever and insists on walking into the lake until the water rises to a dangerous level on her body- like, somewhere between her nose and mouth. We have been yelled at by lifeguards on more than one occasion. Nora gets mad when we try to hold her up or move her to a safer depth. She's a hoot. SO stubborn and independent. And when she chokes and coughs up water, we lift her out and she fights us to get down again. Here are a few of our little fish.

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Scott and Jillian said...

Our Emma is a total fish, too. She LOVES it, and is figuring out how to swim on her own, although she is only three. Sounds like swimming lessons need to be on the agenda for next summer!

Oh, and good luck with the newly arriving baby. Hope you have a smooth delivery!