2 Months Old!

Our little guy turns 2 months today. I think it's fun to compare month by month. He sure has changed.


More Sibling Comparison

I think Nora is a little older than Wells in this picture. Can you see the family resemblance?

Eight Weeks Old

It seems like overnight my newborn has turned into a little boy. He has so much personality all of a sudden and has become just a complete joy. Even night feedings lately are fun because he can't stop smiling at me. The last is a picture of Nora's 'picnic' that took place on my bedroom floor this morning. Can't believe he's almost 2 months old already! What a sweet little guy.



We are finally getting consistant smiles out of the little guy- adorable. What a great personality he has. Nora is smitten. She asked Wells the other day if she could marry him. That would make for an interesting twist in the family tree...

Sunday Afternoon

Josh has managed to maintain this family tradition over the years...


Baby's First Playdate

Nora's good friend got a new brother only a couple of weeks after Wells was born. It was fun to get together today enjoy a playdate for Nora- and also for Wells! The kids were adorable and even posed for our 'photo shoot'. We look forward to many more of these fun mornings together- which maybe Wells won't sleep though next time. (as an added bonus, my friend who is mom to these two cuties just quit her job to stay home full time! We love to come across other stay home mommies, especially out here in New England where it is exceedingly rare.) I'm so glad that Wells has a friend, and it is highly convenient that Nora's friend lives in the same house and not five minutes from ours- score!


Walden Pond

We love this local swim spot. Nora and her friends met at Walden Pond (yes, the Walden Pond) for some swimming and a beach picnic this morning. As you can see, we're trying to squeeze in these summer activities while the weather is still warm. This lake is always beautiful and clean so it's become very popular among Nora's crowd. I was proud of myself for somehow juggling both kids there including breastfeeding twice while supervising (or delegating the supervision of) my almost 2 1/2 year old. We only had one screaming tantrum the whole day!



Ahh, my kids playing/sleeping together on the backyard swingset. What could be better?

Little Boxer

One of these days he's going to knock someone out accidently. He's actually getting quite good.

A fun day with the cousins

We had a fun labor day visit to Rhode Island. Josh's brother built a great-looking new front side walk and grilled up some killer cheese burgers that we would have enjoyed outside if it hadn't been for a swarm of attacking bees. Nora, as usual, had so much fun with her cousins that she woke up asking for them this morning. Wells, well, he pretty much slept, and practiced his boxing moves as seen in the last photo- check out that concentration. Thanks for a great day, you guys!