Baby's First Playdate

Nora's good friend got a new brother only a couple of weeks after Wells was born. It was fun to get together today enjoy a playdate for Nora- and also for Wells! The kids were adorable and even posed for our 'photo shoot'. We look forward to many more of these fun mornings together- which maybe Wells won't sleep though next time. (as an added bonus, my friend who is mom to these two cuties just quit her job to stay home full time! We love to come across other stay home mommies, especially out here in New England where it is exceedingly rare.) I'm so glad that Wells has a friend, and it is highly convenient that Nora's friend lives in the same house and not five minutes from ours- score!

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Bryn said...

LUCKY! It is rare to find someone with kids that same ages and genders as your own. What fun!