Utah State Fair

Not quite the Topsfield fair, but this made for a fun day! I had a hard time dragging Wells away from this HUGE bull, however. I think he even kissed it once. The sign said that "Cedar" is very peace-loving and docile, but those horns did worry me a little.


I still can't believe that I have sisters. I'm so happy for both of them. She already calls Evie her "bff" (best friend forever). I wish I could find matching outfits in size 6 and 0-3 months.


Peach Days

Shortly after we moved here, my mom talked us into driving up to her hometown, Brigham City for the Peach Days festival. These are some of the only pictures that I got that whole day, but I love the expression on Nora's face. It was fun to see my mom's old home and neighborhood. She had some pretty interesting stories to tell. Did they really fill a man-made stream running around city hall with real fish for the kids to jump in and catch with their bare hands?? Verify, Brigham City-ites!

Little Cutie


"This Is The Place" Heritage Park

Nora was sad to leave behind Old Sturbridge Village and the Plimoth Plantation in Massachusetts- she really loves these living history museums. I thought this cool place was just as good- not to mention way cheaper! We had a great day and especially enjoyed spending it with family.

Blessing Day

Eve's blessing was like a beautiful dream. We loved being surrounded by friends and family for such a special occasion. Evie was like a sweet little angel dressed in white and received her name and very precious hopes and requests for her future. My sister-in-law offered her lovely home for the event and even provided a delicious meal to follow- and her bed for a much needed nap (Wells)! Thanks for making our day so special!


Loving Arms

This baby is sure loved!

First Day of School

Gosh I love this little girl! For some reason, dropping her off at school wasn't hard for me at all. I felt good about the school that we chose and I knew she would do absolutely great. Nora has been so ready for school for a while now. She really needed the intellectual stimulation that I was running out of ideas of how to provide for her. I'm proud of how well she's done so far!

Sleeping Beauty

I'm by no means an accomplished photographer, but I thought these ones turned out so great! I love it when they smile in their sleep.


First Bath

Have you ever loved someone so much that it hurts your heart?