Dancing Queen

Nora had her last ballet class and recital last week. She has really excelled in dance class and seemed to completely enjoy it this time. She shows a lot a grace and poise for such a young dancer. It was sad to say good bye to her great teacher, Miss Sanchez. Does anyone know of any good dance schools in Utah county?

Little Graduate

I'm so proud of Nora. She finished pre-school with absolutely perfect reviews and managed to rise above some pretty tricky social situations in her little class. She is such a great example to those around her and is always nice to everyone. As an added bonus, she's bright and works hard. What a girl!

Future Boston Police Squad!

While we were leaving the scooper bowl, some nice police officers invited the kids to sit on their motorcycle- flashing lights and all! It was really cool of them and the kids loved it. One thing that I'll miss about Boston is that because kids are rare they are more likely to get special treatment because people don't usually see them around very much and tend to make a huge fuss over them (or maybe it's because my kids happen to be especially cute :)

Scooper Bowl

We went to the annual "Scooper Bowl" in Boston while my mom was visiting. A bunch of ice cream vendors gather and offer tasty samples (all you can eat!) to support cancer research. It's always fun and kind of crazy but a great way to try new flavors of ice cream that you may never have thought to buy. The kids were in heaven! An added bonus is that MIT buys our tickets every year- score!

Winchester Town Day

We hit another local 'town day' on a recent Saturday when Josh was at school. This one did not disappoint! The kids loved the pony rides, petting zoo, crafts, vendors and other activities that were available. I only wished we had gotten to do more before nap-time. Luckily, we were able to head back that evening after dinner for a fire works show. Not too shabby!