Disney On Ice

For one of Nora's Christmas presents, I took her into Boston to surprise her with Disney on Ice. The show was any little girl's dream come true, complete with princesses, ice dancing, music and amazing special effects. Although I didn't get any pictures in the actual arena, I did take some on the train getting there. I also managed to get some short video clips to help us remember the magic. I'll have to post a few of those sometime when I'm feeling up to it.


Nate and Mandy Knoebel: said...

She's so lucky! Can't wait to see you guys...soon!!

Emma said...

Such a great Mother/daughter date! Abby and I did that and I think I loved it as much as she did. I cried cause I was so happy that I got to take my daughter to something that I would have loved as a kid, but didn't ever have the opportunity to do. How fun for you both. Memories to last a lifetime!