Trick or Treating

Trick or Treating was, well trick or treating. I would love to say that it went perfectly, but I wasn't the one wrestling two sticky kids in the dark and trying to get them from house to house without devouring too much candy on the way and making sure to "only take one and say thank-you"! Wells is at an awkward, half-carry, half-walk stage that makes every trip very difficult. He's heavy to carry and it's almost impossible when he struggles, however, letting him walk is perhaps an even worse punishment, if that's possible. So here's to you, Josh! Thanks for sticking it out! I did have the pleasure of seeing them half way through when Josh stopped in for 50 wipes and the stroller. What a trooper!

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Amy Davis said...

It does get better. Our kids are entering the hayday of halloween. They got so much candy this year (yes, pillowcases full) I decided to buy it back from them to prevent future trips to the dentist. They can go for hours. It's nice when Dad can take that one! Good job Josh!