Happy Thanksgiving!

After almost two weeks of taking care of horribly sick kids, Thanksgiving weekend has been a welcome relief and a joy. As it comes to an end, I am thinking about all that I have to be thankful for:

-2 great kids who are FINALLY healthy again
-a very domestic husband who stayed home with us all weekend, and actually REQUESTED to be in charge of the turkey (and did an amazing job!)
-extended family one small state away who are willing to get together with us, AND have two wonderful daughters whom my kids ADORE
-a comfortable home with (barely) enough room for everyone
-PLENTY to eat on Thanksgiving and everyday
-to finally be home to take advantage of BLACK FRIDAY sales!

All in all, I can safely say that my weekend was perfect with the exception of one quick trip to the doctor's office and an x-ray for Wells to find out that he didn't actually swallow that nail that we thought he had...
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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maryanne said...

I'm glad your kids are healthy again, and sorry they were sick for so long! Wells is looking more and more like Nora as he gets older, and they are both adorable!