Nora's Birthday Party!

We finally found a day that worked to have Nora's second birthday party. (Almost) all of her best friends could make it, Nora had a blast and hasn't stopped talking about it since. It was a Tinkerbell Pixie party in honor of her adorable halloween costume from last year. Although the weather was cold and rainy at first, we did manage to get outside before the party ended for a little bit of playtime on her new swingset. Here is a picture of Nora as Tinkerbell (last halloween) which was our theme inspiration and then a few from her party.


Jennifer said...

I can't beleive she is 2! It seems like only yesterday she was turning one.

Howse Family said...

wow Erica!! It's been a LONG time!! You have an adorable daughter!! YAY!! How are you??