Plymouth Plantation

To take advantage of a Friday freebie we drove down to Plymouth Plantation for a fun day at the living museum there. Beside the rain that lasted for most of the day, and one leaky rain boot, the trip ended up being perfect! The kids got to learn a lot about the Native Americans that originally inhabited this area as well as their own pilgrim ancestors. The actors and actresses in the Plymouth colony were totally amazing. They impersonate real individuals that lived at the time and know all kinds of things about them. The lady in the third picture is Lucretia Brewster. While driving home, I saw several streets named after her family. The freebie extended to the very well-done Mayflower replica which the kids loved. Wells had to miss his nap that day, but I felt that it was well worth it.


MaryAnne said...

What a great day! We need to make it out there sometime.

I love your header picture, too! Your kids are so cute!!!

Jennifer said...

I love Plimouth Plantation. Dave's Mayflower ancestor is Charles Doty, known as the town drunk/troublemaker.