Nora's Birthday Party

We took the plunge this year and had an all out party with Nora's girl friends. Because she is such a social butterfly, we had to rent a space to hold the crowd. We had a pretty good turn out with all but 5 of the guests in attendance that Nora had invited. The activities included- an obstacle course, a few crafts, limbo, dancing, dress-up, pizza, cake and ice cream. We hope the guests had a good time- we know Nora did! We've been really lucky to have met a huge number of wonderful little girls in this area. Most of these girls we've known since Nora was a few months old and I feel so blessed for the cherished friendship that she's enjoyed in her life. An added bonus is to have been able to spend time with all of their fun moms! Thanks for a great 4 years!

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MaryAnne said...

We had fun! On the way home, Emma asked if she could have cupcakes for her next birthday, because she thought Nora's were so cool.