Like Father Like Son

The boys looked cute all matchy for church today. It wasn't even planned. I just dressed the baby and then walked into our room to find Josh wearing the same thing. I had him take off his tie for the pictures, since Wells didn't have one. And the argyle vest, well, despite the MIT, and the Ph.d. factors, even Josh isn't that nerdy. But Wells is, apparently.
On a serious note, I was sad to hear that one of our church buildings in Cambridge burned down today. It took place during a meeting, but all in attendance were able to escape unharmed. It seems that the fire was started by an electrical mishap.


Courtney said...

He is getting huge! He looks so tall in these pictures. (Wells, not Josh.)

Jessica and Tim said...

I thought about you when I read about the church in the paper. I am so glad that it wasn't your ward house.

Cara said...

Hi! He's adorable and getting SOOO big! I am glad to see things progressing with the new addition as well. So, I was there on Sunday when the church burnt down. It was so sad. You can see pictures on my blog... and I miss talking to you! I need to come visit!!