We went to our town's annual flag-day carnival yesterday with Nora's aunt, uncle, and cousins. Last year Nora was barely one and just toddled around gazing longingly through the little fences at the kiddie rides. This year she was actually old enough to go on some of them (34 inches tall)! It was hillarious because she loved the rides so much that taking her off resulted in five minutes of screaming and crying EVERY time. It made it seem almost ridiculous to put her on knowing that in approximately a minute she would be crying like she just lost her best friend. But we did it anyway! I think overall the girls had a good time and all the pain and suffering was forgotten over ice cream cones at the end of the evening.
Happy Fathers' Day!

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Drewmeister said...

She's such a cute girl. It's been fun to watch her grow and her personality develop.