Kiddie Pool!

We finally set up Nora's kiddie pool. She's been asking for it forever now and today's heat was inspiration enough. She fell asleep on the way home from church and while she napped in the car (our driveway was shady and we opened the doors), we set up her pool and grilled up some dinner (within eyeshot of the car- please don't call child services!) It was the perfect evening, chatting with neighbors, enjoying a great dinner with entertainment: Nora playing in her pool. Pulling her out when it was dark at almost nine o'clock required real effort. Let summer begin!


Jennifer said...

today would be a perfect day for a dip in the pool. It is too hot to be indoors with out central A/C.

I bet Nora is in there right now.

mary anne said...

wow, that's the coolest kiddie pool I've seen! I like the little brother countdown - just noticed it today :)

Rick & Amber said...

Woah! That is quite the pool! When you said "kiddie pool" I imagined a round pool with a diameter of 3'. Who wouldn't want to play in THAT all day?