Family Reunion

Our one trip planned for the summer (apart from a few days in the hospital!) was last weekend. We went to a special spot in the pocono mountains for a reunion with my extended family. My great grandfather built a house on a beautiful lake that we enjoyed with many of the descendants from one of his daughters, Eleanor- my grandmother. There were three generations present- myself part of the second, and Nora in the third. It was wonderful to connect and reconnect with many of my long-lost cousins, their children and my aunts and uncles. Nora had fun canoeing, sailing, swimming at the beach, strolls into town, ice cream at the sweet shop and playing around with her second cousins. Josh was wonderful to tag along with Nora for most of the weekend so that I could chat with and get to know my relatives. Thanks, babe!


Jennifer said...

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

Amber Swensen said...

How fun. I can see Nora loved the water. I love family reunions. I just missed mine last weekend in utah :(

Emma said...

What a great opportunity. Looks like fun!