A Fun Visit

I love this game face.

The Brothers (three out of four, anyway...)

Over the weekend we had the pleasure of a visit from Josh's little brother. It was great to see him and gave us an extra excuse to get together with our Rhode Island family as well. Here are some pictures from a game night that we attempted. I'm beginning to realize that my gaming days official came to a screeching holt three years ago next month. It is almost impossible to juggle children, especially babies while trying to concentrate on anything. Josh and I have found that we can complete a game by forming a team and taking turns joining in. Another thing that we have discovered is that we never win that way. It may have something to do with two half brains don't make a whole- or that two different strategies don't always mesh. We have fun none the less. We'll miss you, Uncle Matt!


Scott and Jillian said...

Settlers!! Sweet! We miss those days of staying up late into the night playing games with you guys. Things definitely change once the kiddos come along!

Lisa said...

Matt is cheating in that picture, he's totally looking at Josh's cards. I'm just sayin...