The Boston Aquarium

We visited the aquarium on Saturday courtesy of some of Josh's friends from school who volunteer there. Nora's favorite parts were: the touching tank, the turtle and the gift shop merchandise. Her least favorites were the shark swimming feet from her face, leaving the gift shop without any loot, and dropping Josh off at school afterward. Our favorite part was watching Nora's reaction to everything. Our least favorite part was a neon orange envelope that we found under the windshield upon returning to our car... who ever heard of a parking ticket for an expired inspection?

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Lillie said...

So I had to come check you out after getting your comment. Come by and stalk ANYtime. Your comment was so sweet-- it made my night. And your little Nora is adorable... that perfect little bob... I'm always so torn whether I should cut my Sophie's hair or not. LOVING Nora's.