Holy Moly, That's a Huge Bubble!

Nora has always loved bubbles. I started blowing them for her at bathtime when she was a newborn. I think she is still in as much awe of them as the first time we got them out. Lately she's been using the phrase 'Holy Moly!', something I didn't even think I ever said. The other night at bathtime we caught her saying 'Holy Moly, that's a huge bubble!' about every bubble, huge or not. I guess when you're that small, everything seems huge. She loves to catch them in her incredibly soft hands. Whenever I try this, they pop immediately but she manages to play with them for amazing amounts of time before they bite the dust. She also tries to eat them, but that's a story for another day. Here are some photos of Nora playing in the bath. Please ignore the mildew in the tile grout behind her which absolutely WILL NOT come off, no matter what I scrub with or for how long. The last picture is her reaction when I tell her it's time to put the bubbles away and wash her hair.

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