Nora's first Sleep-Over!

One of Nora's adorable friends is getting a baby sister so we got to take her for the night. The girls have had an absolute blast. The only hard part was getting them to sleep! Josh thought it was a good idea to put them in the same room. For a about an hour we kept hearing them singing and talking to each other "do you want to sing that song, the itsy bitsy spider?" "Do you have your bear?" "My jammies have hearts" and kicking, screaming and laughing. It really took me back to my sleep-over days except what I remember saying to my friends at night was "truth or dare?"


Bryn said...

She is so stinkin' cute! We miss you guys! We can't wait until it is your turn to have a baby and send Nora to the sleep over.

j&e said...

Thanks! I'm sure July will come sooner than we think. It's hard to imagine having two kids...don't think I can even think about that today. Wish we could send her for a sleepover at your house!

Lisa said...

Cute pictures. I know what you mean about bedtime antics. We have girly sleepovers here every night. In fact its almost 10 and I can hear my girls talking in their beds, grrrr.