Aren't these cute?

So far so good on the big sister front, except that she poked Josh in the eye today and almost knocked her lego tower onto the baby...


Jennifer said...

I thnk she is going to LOVE being a big sister!

Those pics are so CUTE!

Grace said...

Hi Erica and Josh,
I love the pictures you have posted. They are almost as good as being there. Archie and I had such a good time visting with you and your family. Thank you for all the plans you made to make our stay nice and the even better experiences that we got to be part of when we arrived. Thank you for welcoming us and allowing us to participate in the miracle of Nora and Wells.
I love you,
P.S. Please call when you have some time; I already miss you.

lambie-pie said...

Erica- your quilt turned out great!

Drewmeister said...

She'll be a great big sister! Such cute pics of Nora and Wells