my kids' room

We live in a very small, two bedroom home. Ever since I got pregnant with Wells, I've had concerns about putting the kids in the same bedroom. I was worried that there wouldn't be enough space (there isn't), that they would keep each other up (they do) and that Nora would do crazy things to the baby before I could get in there in the morning (she does). But overall, it hasn't been that bad. In fact, I love the kids room. It really has become and cute and fun space. It is nothing short of a miracle that all of their furniture fit- well, the bookshelf got exiled to the hallway, but all of their essentials are in there- and, at least for now, it seems to work. Here are some pictures.


Cara said...

You did a fabulous job decorating!! I'm coming to see you this week. PROMISE!!!

Lynne said...

Great job!! I too love to decorate my kids room!!