Seven Months

Today Wells turned seven months old. I remember when he was a newborn, a seven month old baby seemed so old. Now, in the blink of an eye, he is there. Why can't time stand still for me, or at least move a little teeny bit slower? I kept him in my favorite pajamas for his photos this month. They are covered in moons, rockets and stars. I call him my little space cadet or space case. He is developing such a great personality and sense of humor. Can I count the ways that I love this little guy? Not in a day.


Alyssa's Adventures said...

Erica I have to admit I stalk your blog. Those pictures of Wells are adorable!

josh, erica, nora and wells said...

I'm glad you do! I put stuff on here to be read, so it makes me happy when it is... I will have to check yours sometime.

Drewmeister said...

7 months already--what a big boy!