Valentine's Day 2

Following the trail... breakfast...

Sweet Success!

Although there is no shortage of dolls around here, the one that Nora got today has an interesting story behind it. Ever since she laid eyes on a certain doll in her nursery at church, she has been enthralled with it. Apparently, she spends the entire two hours each Sunday sitting with her doll, a little baby bottle and a blanket and rocking and 'feeding' it tenderly. I think it's so funny because neither Nora nor Wells would ever take a bottle consistently, but oh well. So she talks about the doll constantly and is always asking to go to church during the week so that she can care for her doll. Apparently it sits in the toy cupboard and cries for Nora until she arrives. There have even been brawls over the tiny rocking chair that Nora has commandeered. Anyway, at Christmas I searched for a doll to match the one at church to no avail. The tag said Toys R Us, but it also said 2001 so I was sure that they had discontinued production of it. I even considered purchasing another doll and performing a convenient 'switch', at the approval of the nursery leader, of course, but Josh wouldn't let me do it. The other day Nora and I stopped at the toy store to pick up some gifts for some of her friends birthday parties that are coming up and there it was- in a cute little rolling suitcase no less, with a baby bottle, bib, bowl, toy lamb and bowl and spoon; all for just $13.99. I couldn't believe it! It was identical to the doll at church except for the color. Nora's doll is pink, with blue eyes, the one at church is wearing green and has green eyes. But close enough. Nora was overjoyed. She named her Honey.

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Andrae said...

You are a good mom to have kept your eye out :) I love things like that. Forever that doll will mean something to you and her.